Learn to Sing with Feedback

Learn to sing without a teacher by getting Feedback from Listening Singing Teacher

Learning to sing has to do with performing an art. Art is always subjective. The audience is the judge. The audience is also subjective. So it is not clear what the audience is appraising. For example a painting can have a few lines and some color spots. It may sell for a million dollars. Now who is responsible for the success? The painter for his crafting? Or the painter for his marketing? When the prices are so high it is rarely the craft, it is usually the art of selling, since the production was probably a month of work. Other painters could have done it, and the work would probably be sold for six month salary, since the advertising and vending also have to be covered for. As you can see for the success there are many features necessary, including the right idea at the right time and luck.

For singing the same holds true. Similarly to painting, singing consists of basic techniques which can be learnt and improved (see www.interactive-music-teacher.com on how we learn). Even so marketing is very important for the success, it has very little to do with the actual singing. For example, Brian Epstein, the manager of the famous Beatles, bought thousands of records in the record-stores to promote the Beatles in the charts. However, without the solid knowledge of the Fab Four for performing on a stage, the success would not have been possible. Before Brian took them under contract, they performed up to twelve or more hours a day on a stage together. Now this should ring a bell in your head, on how much time and money can be involved for serious intentions. Therefore, before you think about success, learn the necessary fundamental skills which are necessary for singing. In contrast to the success of a product, the techniques have more objective and measurable means for individual skills. Learning to sing can be divided into several techniques:

Since the above listed areas are difficult to assess by your-self, you need feedback. The best and fastest way is, to have an experienced teacher, which can assess your abilities and then give you individual exercises to improve in weaker areas. However, individual instructions with a private teacher can get very expensive, since each lesson you take is associated with expenses (travel, time, direct hourly costs of the coach).

Fortunately, for the important skills to sing in key and in rhythm, modern technology can assess you and give you neutral feedback in these areas. This is not only cheaper, but also allows you to exercise whenever it is suitable for you. In addition you do not have travel expenses and travel time.

Listening-Singing-Teacher is a modern program, that interacts with you. That means for example you have to sing to randomly generated exercises. Then the program responds to your actions by analyzing your voice and giving you feedback on your pitch or beat. Feedback to your actions helps you to make progress by correcting mistakes. Actively doing something ensures the best learning effect, since direct sensations are embraced. In this way the listening-singing-teacher software is superior compared to DVD (watch), mp3 (listen) or eBook (read) programs. In addition interactive programs can evaluate your performance for certain criteria and thus give you feedback on your progress. Listening-singing-teacher also collects statistical data and gives you long-term hints on the tendency of your individual mistakes.

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Test your Singing Skills

Download the free trial of listening singing Teacher at www.listening-singing-teacher.com. The program will give you feedback on pitch, rhythm and loudness. See how good you can hit the notes and what level you can reach. Do not worry if you have a low score, try to repeat the exercises, and see if you can make progress and feel more comfortable the next time. Do not give up after just two tries: If you can see that you can make any progress by the various feedbacks you get, you have got something you can work on. Singing on pitch and time, and not shouting during a silent period, are the main issues to sing along with an accompaniment. Just to know that you can control your voice in terms of pitch, will improve your self confidence.


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